Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Did I Tell You About The Owls???

Last week Rick and I went to a talk on AZ owls. Followed by a little field trip on the weekend to see Burrowing Owls. They have been relocating them since many times their homes are lost to construction.

Burrowing Owls, do not dig but they find friendly neighbors to live along side. Most other ground dwelling animals like having the owl for company. These little guys make a hissing sound that imitates a rattlesnake, used to keep predictors away.

They are one of the few owls that you will see during the day. They have long legs, brown in color with yellow eyes. Their diet is grasshoppers, small insects and lizards. They associate humans with possible meals. As we walk around fields, grasshoppers hop away, making them more visible to the owls.

There are about 15 different owls that can be seen in AZ. Not all of them live here year round. The great horned owl and the barn owl are common to just about every part of North America. They are not as easy to see as the burrowing owls. I know there are great horned owls at the Desert Botanical Gardens and my backyard.

I did get a few pictures of the burrowing owl and some day a sketch, painting may appear.

Advise from an OWL
Stay Focused
Be "Whoo" You Are
Trust in a Wise Friend
Live Off the Land
Glide Through the Dark Times
Be Observant
Life's A Hoot!
by Ilan Shamir

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