Thursday, May 5, 2016

High Praise

This week I had the pleasure to meet and work along side many talented artists in Colorado. I do not take many workshops, I am usually the one teaching. When I do it is with fore thought of what I want to come away with from the experience. 

Getting to know the instructors better, Robert Caldwell, my instructor, and Julie Bender, wood & paper burning. Talking with them regarding the business of art and sharing stories of travel. 

What I take away from this week is a better understanding of the shading technique Robert uses in his work. I will not create in his style but take what I have learned and make it my own.

This is what I did in the class. I did not use the image provided and added my own inspiration. A little coffee stain please. In doing my own work I was pleased to have two people interested in purchasing my piece. What higher praise can one ask for, my new friend Cheryl ask first and the piece is hers. Julie and I discussed that I would create a similar piece for her and ship it to her before long. What a week it has been! 

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