Sunday, May 8, 2016

Coffee - Mocha and Wild Horses

It is Sunday and Mother's Day which means extra coffee in my big purple Coyote Caffeine mug. Plus, needed a little extra to make coffee stained paper. After coffee and mocha, I stained some paper for a few upcoming projects. While it was drying I went for a hike in Tonto National Forest along the Lower Salt River. It is a place the wild horses can be found. I did not see any close to the main parking area. I took the high road, and hiked along the river. It is a rocky path but not too hard. Rounding the bend I saw an older horse, he watched as canoes floated along.

On my return trip home, tucked in between the trees and cactus more wild horses. I did not stop to take photos of them. Leaving them to graze in peace. I thanked them for the pleasure of seeing them and for a lovely day for a hike. A little more inspiration to bring to the drawing table.

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