Sunday, May 1, 2016

Chance Of...

Rain - Wind - Snow. What does art have to do with weather? Actually a lot. When you are working in pastel outside the elements that surround you can destroy your work in minutes. Which was the case this past Saturday. There were a few sprinkles early on but was able to go back and repair those areas. I was just about done when darker clouds rolled in, just in case I packed up all but one small container of pastels. Shortly after the rains came, I did have some protection and a plastic tarp to throw over the work. With the help of several passer-bys got it cover with limited damage. 

These projects are never meant to have a long life but it is nice to know they were around for more then six hours. It was a little windy but I was lucky to be in a area that was centrally located with buildings all around. 

So, snow, well Arizona does get snow but I am taking art a little further north for a few days. Got my new hiking boots, layers of warm cloths, camera and art supplies. Heading to Colorado, pictures will be coming soon!

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