Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Day Away

Making my lists, checking them twice...sounds kind of holiday-ish but I need lists to keep on track. I keep appointments and deadlines on my phone/computer calendar. Sometimes, I need to write them out in a list so I can check them off. With calendars if you don't transfer from the day before it can be forgotten.

Right now I am a day away from my schedule. I am working on the last painting for shows in Maryland. If it is dry enough this afternoon it might be finished tonight but thinking more like tomorrow. 

I will start posting pictures of the finished works soon. Most of the oil painting will be at NOMA gallery in July. An exhibit and workshop in pastel will be on display June 26 - 30 at Rice Gallery for Common Ground on the Hill.

Here are the links for more information on the shows and workshop. http://www.commongroundonthehill.org

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