Friday, April 29, 2016

Tree Day

Also known as National Arbor Day - a day to plan a tree, take a walk in the woods or in my case working on some tree paintings. One of the joys of working in AZ is taking my studio outside. My inside studio faces west and the only reason I know this is because the sun sets in the west by 4:00 in the afternoon it starts to warm up in my studio and the light can be a bit blinding. I pick up my paints and easel move them to the back patio, it is covered so nice and shady. Protected from gentle winds and there are lovely trees to look at while I work. Even the birds come around to see what I am doing.

Today I am honoring nature and trees, as I do everyday. I am painting a couple landscapes inspired by our Nationals Parks and some of the trees I have taken pictures of while visiting them. More to come on this...

But for now as the paintings are in progress and will be on display in June & July - here are a couple trees from my collection of pictures.

Oregon coast 

New Mexico



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