Saturday, April 16, 2016


I have been watching the saguaro in the backyard as it was about to bloom. I got my camera to go out and take some pictures of the flowers and to my surprise one of the love birds fly over head into one of the holes in the cactus. A nice opportunity to take some pictures, as I have been wanting to do a painting of them. The real surprise was she was coming to feed her baby! I think there is just one baby in there, might be two. It was a little hard to tell but I could see the color, an eye and the beak. I will try not to upset Mom as she is taking care of her baby but I will go out now and again to see how they are doing. Bonus: to top it all off was a little hummingbird sitting on a branch next to the saguaro who didn't mind me taking a few pictures.

Saguaro in bloom

Peach faced or rose faced love bird

Mom and baby

Female Anna Hummingbird

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