Monday, April 11, 2016

Parts Of The Whole

This past weekend was pretty full but all the parts seem to come together. Friday set up at the Desert Botanical Gardens for the Scottsdale Artist League show. Saturday headed down to Tucson for Mural Project through the Southern AZ Arts & Cultural Alliance. Sunday back to Scottsdale to pick up work that my friend Gary so kindly protected from the storms that blew through. These storms came across AZ those artists that were working outside on chalk/pastel mural in Tucson saw there work disappear quickly. I was one of three that worked inside on a canvas surface. Our works will be hung for display.

Lots of people ask: What happens to the piece once it's done, do you get to take it home? Is it for auction? Will it go in a gallery? The SAACA pays the artists to create the murals, plus they supply the surface and some of the pastels. They provide water, snacks and if they get a sponsor hotel rooms for those that drive to Tucson (2 hours for me). After working from 9-5 driving 2 hours then turning around to drive back to Tucson was not a great option. So, the long way around those question is the canvas paintings belong to SAACA. As always the copyrights remain with the artists but the artists have given permission to allow the works and photos of the artists working in PR. Some ask doesn't it make you sad to leave the work? No, I tell them it is no different then selling a piece of art. It goes home with the owner.

My artists friends ask: Why do a mural? Especially one on the ground?? The ground not so great an angle to work at but they are fun. It is a competition with yourself. Can I get this done in the allotted time? Partly, working large, which is nice to break out of working small. It is a challenge. It is also a way to introduce people to my art. I bring booklets of my images with me a supply of business cards. I almost ran out, children tend to take cards too. But, people ask questions about what other works you do and where they can see them. Commission sometimes happen, workshop participants, art lessons and even general sales.

How do I create large works? This is where the parts come together. I start with a preliminary sketch that is submitted for acceptance. I transfer the sketch onto the larger surface with direct drawing in charcoal. I then work in a pattern, starting at the top left moving over to the right. This is the top half of the mural. Continuing back to the lower left and finishing lower right. There are very few times I work in a pattern but when you have to sit on your work to reach it, you have to find a way not to cause damage. That about sums it are some of the parts and the whole mural. To see other muralist from this event check out my facebook page for the album "Murals".
Finished Mural 

Step one sketch, start background
Step two working left corner, completely

Step three, moving to right corner, top half

Step four, bottom half, continuing to work left to right

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