Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Of The Mural

Today I will be doing another street - chalk - pastel - performance mural. There are 3 locations I will be at Desert Ridge Marketplace in Phoenix, AZ. The other 2 locations are Tempe Marketplace and Westgate Entertainment District. There will be about 10 artists at each location and an area for passers by to give it a try.

This event is sponsored by the Southern AZ Arts & Cultural Alliance. Together we are promoting the art of pastels/chalk and artists. We spend the day creating and talking to young artists and established. 

Murals - street performance artists have been around since the 1800's in Europe. Artists would travel around to festivals creating pavement paintings. If the people enjoyed what you were creating they would throw you a coin in appreciation. No coins are needed for today's event so just come on by and see what these artists are creating. My theme has to do with the Salt River in Tonto National Forest.

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