Tuesday, March 22, 2016


This is how I keep track of what art is where. With spring comes art shows. There is an overlap going into April, things are slowing down in AZ and picking up on the east coast. At the moment both east and west shows are opening.

I have tried several system of keeping track of what work is where and nothing is 100% prefect. Juried shows, those you have to submit to before being accepted allow me to set up folders on my computer with the images and information.

So, this is what we have so far...

The Manheim Gallery, Cottonwood, AZ currently showing "Art and Science" followed by "Birds in Art" which coordinates with the Bird Festival in the Verde Valley ending April 24th.

Desert Botanical Gardens showing the Scottsdale Artist League April 8-9-10th Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ. (There is a fee to enter the gardens with the amazing display of wildflowers and cactus blooming it is well worth going to see what the artists have created from all this inspriation).

Mural  Projects, I am one of the featured artists for this Tucson event April 9-10th.

AZ Pastel Artists Association juried spring show, Art Center, Sedona opening April 13th - 25th. I will be there on the 14th doing a demonstration.

Burwell-Morgan Art at the Mill juried show, opens in mid April through Mothers Day in May, Berryville, VA.

Phoenix Mural Project, April 30th Desert Ridge.

There will be some careful planning that goes along with the DBG show and the mural in Tucson. I will drop off work on the 8th of April and volunteer that day at the show. On the 9th I will drive down to Tucson, work on the mural till late afternoon and plan to stay down there overnight. Get up Sunday finish the mural and head back to the DBG to take down the remainder of the show around 5:00 p.m. It should all come together, it does on paper!

Here are a few works you will see here and there.

The Historic Burwell-Morgan Mill Show
"Just Looking" pastel

AZ Pastel Artists Association, Sedona Art Center
"Silently" pastel

The Manhiem Gallery Art and Science Show
"Fibonacci 1+1" oil

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