Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cold Coffee

I get up pretty early in the morning, generally before the sun comes up from behind the mountains in my backyard. Some mornings are more spectacular and this morning did not fail to please.

I poured my second cup of coffee, looked up to see clouds hanging over the mountains. Hmmm, I better go get my camera. I sit outside and wait and watch, the moon is still out, soft pink color behind the saguaro. Then orange, pinks and purple start to show off as the sun is slowly making it's way up.

I leave my hot cup of coffee, in few moments, I have taken a little under 100 pictures. Not all of them made it to the download on the computer. I played around with a couple settings, did some bracketing to try and get those purple mountains to the background to show in the camera what my eye sees.

The sun is up and it is time to stop, get ready. I am delivering a couple paintings to The Manheim Gallery today. Might see if I can find some poppy fields along the way. With winter rains, a cold front and now earlier warmer then normal temps - the wildflowers are blooming.

So, this is why my coffee is cold...and usually why I end up making mocha. I am not an ice coffee person, like my joe hot, not warm, not cool, and certainly not iced. But, seeing the sunrise makes the extra effort to make mocha or a fresh pot of coffee worth every moment.

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