Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beautiful Distractions

I distract easily, no news there. This morning thought I would knock out submitting images for the spring pastel show. Finally found what I was looking for, put them in a separate folder to be adjust in size-dpi-labeling. Every show requires something different. Who knew being an artist would make you somewhat of a computer geek.

E-mailed the images and signed up on line after taking a tea break, watching the hummingbirds and listening to the mourning dove. While I was looking in several files that were labeled art I would come across others near by titled: trees, flowers, hummingbirds...I have several pieces in process and have references for them. I still printed out more with ideas for new pieces. I justify these distractions with the thought that I could use this image for this show or that project. Maybe it is just a little better picture then what I think I have or maybe the same one I already have printed. 

Along with these distractions are some beautiful memories. Traveling to new places. Hiking new trails or maybe just sitting in my backyard with family and friends.

Here are a few photo-distractions that brightened my day.

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