Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An Artists Perspective

This weekend Rick and I went up to Bartlett Lake. We drove to several areas, walked uphill to capture a nice perspective of the lake. We walked along the road, down a few paths and waterways.

I did not go out thinking of the class I am teaching at the end of June for Common Ground on the Hill in MD. Yet, as I was looking I started seeing images that would make good references for the workshop: Abstract to Realism in Pastels. Some of my students ask for more information on perspective, foreshortening and dealing with large abstract shapes.

Taking pictures at Bartlett Lake I started seeing things from different perspectives. In landscape one of the most popular formats is one point perspective. Think of railroad tracks, if you were standing on them looking straight down the tracks. Magically, they come to a point on the horizon. This is one point perspective. Now think animation, trees that reach out for you but they do not move. The limb of the tree to the front of the tree body. How do you make that appear to be in the front? That is foreshortening.

I work and teach a technique that uses a abstract beginning. Toning the paper with one or more colors but not dealing with an image, sometimes not even shapes, just color placement. Once this abstract background is in place, I take it to a realistic image. It can continue in an abstract or non objective form, the finished painting is up to the individual artist. I will put together a demonstration with step by step directions as it gets closer to June's workshop. For now here are a few images that might just be part of the upcoming workshop. http://www.commongroundonthehill.org (Traditions Week 1 June 27th - July1st)

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