Thursday, February 25, 2016

Paper-Paper Everywhere

Now that Papermaking is done what do we do with all this paper?

Let's see - some pieces are ear-marked to become booklets. Some of these booklets will be step-by-step directions on how to make recycled handmade paper. Seem like a good idea to have the cover of the instruction book be handmade paper. 

Other pieces are heading to the drawing board. Have an idea for one of the black pieces with a moon - a raven keeps coming to mind. I have some special pieces that have pottery shards embedded in them. Thank you for sharing with me Scott Wyne. They were found on his brother Roberts property in New Mexico. Not sure that they will be for sale, might just end up as collection of the artist pieces. One of these is larger paper with plenty of space for drawing/painting. Will do some research for appropriate bird or animal to go on this pieces.

To use up the last of the pulp I did a little experimenting creating one of a kind pulp paintings. They can stand alone or be enhanced with added materials. Right now they will stand alone until I look at them sometime down the road. 

What's next pastels, painting and a little fun with paper. I am giving a talk and offering a workshop on paper arts. Introduction to marbling, paste paper & monotypes. Check the web sites or email if you are interested in attending the workshop.

Reworked this piece, it was on the small paper only,  added extra paper with additional pastel work.
Pottery shards embedded in handmade paper
Paper - Paper Everywhere

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