Thursday, February 11, 2016

Getting To Know You...

This past weekend - kind of an extended weekend, family and friends were in town. There was lots of sight-seeing, hiking, a Super Sunday and getting to know my camera again. I use manual settings a fair amount but do switch to program settings when just walking around, taking pictures in even light. That was not a great option for photographs this weekend. We went to the Munro light sculptures at the Desert Botanical Garden. Experimenting with not only camera setting but playing with  movement. It was great fun. Hiking mid-morning in Scottsdale and again at Boyce Thompson Arboretum with lots of dappled light. Shooting photos of birds in the sky, cactus under trees, reflecting water, ducks in the water and hummingbirds.

One afternoon was spent taking photos of hummingbirds, a challenge all it's own. Afternoon to evening light, movement, back lighting and low light. Looking at the silhouetted images, the blur of the wings, trying to catch the iridescence reflection of the head and neck. All of these things made me go back to the days of taking photography classes. The days of shooting with film. The lessons are still the same, thinking about how much light is too much, too little, how to I remove the reflection of the water, what setting works best to capture the movement of the little hummers wings?

Hundreds of pictures later and a renewed respect for my camera. The lessons from this weekend, never stop learning, re-visit what you have learned, and have fun practicing all that you learn.

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