Saturday, February 13, 2016

Doing What You Love

In honor of Valentine's Day thought I would write about what I love to create. One of my favorite once a year projects is making paper. This year it falls in February. We will start pulling paper on Monday but it takes a couple days to prep. 
This weekend all the containers made there way to the studio. Then there was shredding, old art papers are collected, separated by color. Once shredded they go in buckets with water to soften. Blending and additional water added to a larger tub/vat and we are ready! 
Come Monday recycling acid free rag papers become new works of art. They may end up as books, they could be used for pastel paintings, or other mediums. They are beautiful to work on and fun to create. 
I open my studio up for others to join me in this week of creation. If you are interested check my web site for details or email.

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