Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Perfect Pencil

This post is inspired by my friends Eric & Lori Rice and my husband, Rick. All to often I am almost ready to head out the door, just need to find a pencil. It was brought to my attention that I am not just grabbing any ole pencil but looking for the "Prefect Pencil". It is true for me, the graphite in my pencils vary in hardness. One of my go-to pencils is the HB, it is harder then the yellowish 2B we grew up using in school. My pencils vary from F very hard to woodless pure graphite, thick heavy sticks. I have several brands it is the hardness more then a special brand. 

When I am going out, there might be opportunities to sketch or maybe something inspirational that I want to remember. I take the time to pick the perfect pencil and the coorisponding sketch book. You just never know how much detail or how bold the stroke needs to be at that moment. 

On that day we were all together I did indeed make some little sketches. It was a good thing I had my perfect pencil at the ready. Each artist has their own special tools and one of mine is pencils. 

Sketch done with HB pencils and fine line pen.

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