Thursday, January 14, 2016


My mind has been overflowing with ideas for new works. We all have ways in which we work best, process the steps to get to the end result. Trying to go through some of the photo references that will be used for paintings. They may be oils or soft pastels. I am working up the sketches for composition. I generally do not spend a lot of time on preparatory drawings. When I have the photos, quick sketches and once in a while small work study, I move to a larger format. I am almost there.

The 21 Jump Start has been helpful in organizing but still about a week away from some serious painting time. There are things that still need to be framed, sales taxes are coming due and need to prepare a power point for a talk. I need to clear things out of the way, get the paper work as done as possible and then I can paint. Until then I will keep doing the "Working Sketches" as they are getting closer and closer to becoming finished works.

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