Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Off My Game

The last few days I have been a little off my game. Not so much physically, but mentally...I have been doing my accounts. Working with numbers is not my favorite thing to do but sales taxes are coming due and that kind of forces the issue. While I am doing that I might as well get all the information together for State and Federal taxes.

I am done with sales taxes, they have been submitted and no worries for 6 months. Most of my sales are done through shows and galleries. I do some special events that requires me to collect sales tax but in the next year or so that may be less of an issue.

Now that I am done with this number project I have one that might be a bit more fun...more to come on that.

One more PR kind of thing to wrap up today and then into the studio. I have missed my posts on the 21 Jump Start but I did work on some quick sketches. Will get that updated by tonight.

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