Friday, January 8, 2016

Inspirational A Closer Look

Ironwood Gallery at Arizona-Sonora Living Desert Museum in Tucson added to the inspiration from seeing the wildlife, birds, and free flight. The whole day flowed so nicely. I was hoping to get a little sketching in but a bit to windy to sit and draw. I took enough pictures to create works for the rest of the year.

Going into the gallery we again had good timing. The show that was up was coming down shortly. The artist showing was Andrew Denman, titled: The Modern Wild. He works with acrylic's and had a video of his working technique. He works in layers, using an electric sander to buff background layers smooth and adding the fine details of the wildlife at the end.

Looking at his work inspired me on many levels. I have been going back to applying some of my printmaking experience to pastels and paintings. His work reflects the look of mixed medium, maybe even some printmaking in his background, It let me feel that the direction I am moving with my art is okay. As artists we need to grown and keep our work fresh. We want people to know our work by our style, our hand but we need to keep learning and expanding.

What am I going to do now that I have all this inspiration? Work, work, work....I did not sign up for the 30-30 challenge this year. But, I am ready to set a challenge for myself. I have preliminary sketches in the works. Tomorrow, I will post the beginning of my personal challenge which starts today! Until then here are a few of Andrew Denman's works that pulled me in for a closer look.

"The Estero Gang" Fidller Crabs, Acrylic on Cradled Board by Andrew Denman

"Leftovers" Desert Pocket Mice, Acrylic on Cradled Board by Andrew Denman

"Primary" Red-Breasted Sapsucker, Acrylic on Board by Andrew Denman

"Third Times the Charm" Scarlet Ibis, Triptych, Acrylic on Board by Andrew Denman

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