Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fun And Inspiration

Catching up with friends yesterday and going to MIM. The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ the link is

The art of music is inspirational on many levels. Most visual artists I know listen to music while they work. Over the years I have used it as my timer, play a CD, at the end take a break, walk away from what ever I am working on to take a better look.

Going and listening to bits of music at MIM's displays takes you back to music you loved. Some works you may not have played or even update in years from records-tapes-let's hope not 8 tracks. Hearing, even just 30 seconds takes you right back to the place that piece of music became part of your history.

A bonus at MIM is the beauty of the instruments. The artistic creation of not just the instrument but the music boxes, the paper scrolls as seen in the mechanical music gallery. There are fiber arts too, ceremonial, concert and person wear from artists over the years.

Now to take some of this inspiration and take it to my studio.

"Apollonia" the dance organ, which plays itself

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