Thursday, January 21, 2016

Attending To Art Business

Still working on getting organized - getting my chickens in order. Lots of things are in the works this year. I do paper making once a year. It takes over my whole studio, so, it gets set up, we make paper and then it goes away until next year. Since, I am getting requests to come see the studio, my work and do some workshops I put together a few projects for this winter/spring.

This is in-between work to make for art shows coming up over the next 6 months. Getting ready to submit work for juried exhibits east and west. Still working on updating the web site. Finally moving forward from just doing quick working sketches for the 21 Jump Start to actually getting some color in studies and moving - hopefully this afternoon I will work towards a bigger finished piece.

I always have ideas, sometimes too many, it keeps me thinking and creating. Plus, I love to share my passion for art. Going to see exhibits at galleries, local artists on Art Walks and of course workshops to shall knowledge, exchange ideas.

Here is the postcard for workshops coming up, more on shows in another Blog.

If you want more information on workshops or a copy
                                                                 of the postcard email me at:

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