Wednesday, January 27, 2016

deux - dos

Two's - seems to be my theme this month. Currently I am working on two pieces for possible entree into a show with a Science and Art requirement. I got caught up in numbers, the Fibonacci sequences, 0+1, 1+1, 1+2, 2+3, and so on...

As I was looking through my pictures I realized that I had many that had two of something in them, mostly animals. It made me smile so thought since I am on this path I would share a few of them with you. Some may be paintings, I just don't know when.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Perfect Pencil

This post is inspired by my friends Eric & Lori Rice and my husband, Rick. All to often I am almost ready to head out the door, just need to find a pencil. It was brought to my attention that I am not just grabbing any ole pencil but looking for the "Prefect Pencil". It is true for me, the graphite in my pencils vary in hardness. One of my go-to pencils is the HB, it is harder then the yellowish 2B we grew up using in school. My pencils vary from F very hard to woodless pure graphite, thick heavy sticks. I have several brands it is the hardness more then a special brand. 

When I am going out, there might be opportunities to sketch or maybe something inspirational that I want to remember. I take the time to pick the perfect pencil and the coorisponding sketch book. You just never know how much detail or how bold the stroke needs to be at that moment. 

On that day we were all together I did indeed make some little sketches. It was a good thing I had my perfect pencil at the ready. Each artist has their own special tools and one of mine is pencils. 

Sketch done with HB pencils and fine line pen.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Attending To Art Business

Still working on getting organized - getting my chickens in order. Lots of things are in the works this year. I do paper making once a year. It takes over my whole studio, so, it gets set up, we make paper and then it goes away until next year. Since, I am getting requests to come see the studio, my work and do some workshops I put together a few projects for this winter/spring.

This is in-between work to make for art shows coming up over the next 6 months. Getting ready to submit work for juried exhibits east and west. Still working on updating the web site. Finally moving forward from just doing quick working sketches for the 21 Jump Start to actually getting some color in studies and moving - hopefully this afternoon I will work towards a bigger finished piece.

I always have ideas, sometimes too many, it keeps me thinking and creating. Plus, I love to share my passion for art. Going to see exhibits at galleries, local artists on Art Walks and of course workshops to shall knowledge, exchange ideas.

Here is the postcard for workshops coming up, more on shows in another Blog.

If you want more information on workshops or a copy
                                                                 of the postcard email me at:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Off My Game

The last few days I have been a little off my game. Not so much physically, but mentally...I have been doing my accounts. Working with numbers is not my favorite thing to do but sales taxes are coming due and that kind of forces the issue. While I am doing that I might as well get all the information together for State and Federal taxes.

I am done with sales taxes, they have been submitted and no worries for 6 months. Most of my sales are done through shows and galleries. I do some special events that requires me to collect sales tax but in the next year or so that may be less of an issue.

Now that I am done with this number project I have one that might be a bit more fun...more to come on that.

One more PR kind of thing to wrap up today and then into the studio. I have missed my posts on the 21 Jump Start but I did work on some quick sketches. Will get that updated by tonight.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


My mind has been overflowing with ideas for new works. We all have ways in which we work best, process the steps to get to the end result. Trying to go through some of the photo references that will be used for paintings. They may be oils or soft pastels. I am working up the sketches for composition. I generally do not spend a lot of time on preparatory drawings. When I have the photos, quick sketches and once in a while small work study, I move to a larger format. I am almost there.

The 21 Jump Start has been helpful in organizing but still about a week away from some serious painting time. There are things that still need to be framed, sales taxes are coming due and need to prepare a power point for a talk. I need to clear things out of the way, get the paper work as done as possible and then I can paint. Until then I will keep doing the "Working Sketches" as they are getting closer and closer to becoming finished works.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fun And Inspiration

Catching up with friends yesterday and going to MIM. The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ the link is

The art of music is inspirational on many levels. Most visual artists I know listen to music while they work. Over the years I have used it as my timer, play a CD, at the end take a break, walk away from what ever I am working on to take a better look.

Going and listening to bits of music at MIM's displays takes you back to music you loved. Some works you may not have played or even update in years from records-tapes-let's hope not 8 tracks. Hearing, even just 30 seconds takes you right back to the place that piece of music became part of your history.

A bonus at MIM is the beauty of the instruments. The artistic creation of not just the instrument but the music boxes, the paper scrolls as seen in the mechanical music gallery. There are fiber arts too, ceremonial, concert and person wear from artists over the years.

Now to take some of this inspiration and take it to my studio.

"Apollonia" the dance organ, which plays itself

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Do You See What I See?

Nature, trees, stumps, logs, leaves, rocks...sometimes I see images within the patterns of the abstract. While we were walking through Boyce Thompson Arboretum we saw a tree and there looked to be an alligator head in the branches. Really, that is what it looked like, I have a witness, Rick saw it too. The fun thing about seeing these objects is taking pictures as a reminder of time and place. They do not serve well as references for drawings but they do get me thinking. If I drew a tree that looked like an alligator, people would wonder why I put an alligator in a tree? There have been times that people have seen things within the texture of my drawings that were not intended.

Today's post is just wondering if you see some of the things that I see. Now to go back through pictures to see if I remember where I saw them in the first place. The alligator was recent so no problem there. Into the archive of pictures to see what we can see.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum 

Bryce in Utah - I see you

Zion, Utah - I think I saw a rabbit

Kanab, Utah - phone home

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jump Start

Okay, here goes, I am doing a 21 Jump Start for the New Year. I did not sign up to do the 30-30 challenge this year. It has been a busy fall and winter has not slowed down. As many artists do I need deadlines, something to work towards. I am doing a personal challenge for January. I will post something over the next 21 days and hopefully by the end of January I will have a few finished pieces. 

Day 1
I had an opportunity to take photos of owls at a rescue center in Virginia this fall. This is a very quick graphite sketch. Next to decide pastel or oil painting??? Heading into the studio this afternoon, who (no pun intended) knows what will come out of there later today.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Inspirational A Closer Look

Ironwood Gallery at Arizona-Sonora Living Desert Museum in Tucson added to the inspiration from seeing the wildlife, birds, and free flight. The whole day flowed so nicely. I was hoping to get a little sketching in but a bit to windy to sit and draw. I took enough pictures to create works for the rest of the year.

Going into the gallery we again had good timing. The show that was up was coming down shortly. The artist showing was Andrew Denman, titled: The Modern Wild. He works with acrylic's and had a video of his working technique. He works in layers, using an electric sander to buff background layers smooth and adding the fine details of the wildlife at the end.

Looking at his work inspired me on many levels. I have been going back to applying some of my printmaking experience to pastels and paintings. His work reflects the look of mixed medium, maybe even some printmaking in his background, It let me feel that the direction I am moving with my art is okay. As artists we need to grown and keep our work fresh. We want people to know our work by our style, our hand but we need to keep learning and expanding.

What am I going to do now that I have all this inspiration? Work, work, work....I did not sign up for the 30-30 challenge this year. But, I am ready to set a challenge for myself. I have preliminary sketches in the works. Tomorrow, I will post the beginning of my personal challenge which starts today! Until then here are a few of Andrew Denman's works that pulled me in for a closer look.

"The Estero Gang" Fidller Crabs, Acrylic on Cradled Board by Andrew Denman

"Leftovers" Desert Pocket Mice, Acrylic on Cradled Board by Andrew Denman

"Primary" Red-Breasted Sapsucker, Acrylic on Board by Andrew Denman

"Third Times the Charm" Scarlet Ibis, Triptych, Acrylic on Board by Andrew Denman

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time After Time

We all have places we return to time after time. One of those places for Rick and I is Tucson, AZ especially the Sonora Living Desert.

Our timing this year worked well. The animals that live there were up and about. Most of the animals are rescued. They do an educational Free Flight with raptors. This is were the timing comes in, they had four Harris Hawks out at the same time. Harris Hawks hunt together and they did just that. They were flying low and spotted something on the ground. Next thing you see is all of them huddled by a prickly pear cactus. The largest female eats first. Either I am getting better at photographing these birds in flight or lucky timing. Either way I was happy for some interesting references for new paintings. 

Tomorrow catching the art exhibit...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I am trying to get back into the rhythm of writing the blog. New year time to re-organize! 
Today is National Bird Day. One of my favorite subjects. I will post more soon but for now here are a few of my bird inspired art works. 

What's That Sound???

You know you are in Wyoming when you wake to the sound of horses. With limited wi-fi service it has been a lot harder to get blogs written a...