Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Art of Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday, yesterday was Cyber Monday, Shop Small Business was Saturday and of course there was Black Friday.

It is December 1st - it is the season of being thankful for all we have and a time to give forward. Give to someone you love, give to a cause you believe in, give to the school you attended and maybe even give a little something to yourself. By giving to yourself, it does not mean you are being selfish, maybe take that moment to share a cup of coffee with a friend or a stranger.

For the month of December I like to spread the giving around. My children are older, my husband and I don't need a lot. I give art, especially those pieces that have touched someone. I send cards, they usually contain a message that a donation has been made in their name. It is a small thing, given from the heart and hopefully will keep the giving forward a future.

I will have several pieces on sale this month plus a percentage will go towards charities. If you purchase something in December, within the U.S. I will cover shipping. You can select a charity or I will let you know who I selected for a donation.

Today's piece is "Yellowstone" image is 5x15 framed to 12x22 mixed medium painting. Gallery price $375.00 - on sale for $200 and $50 of that will go to charity. Email me at lhp5536@aol.com if you would like to purchase this work.

Happy Giving, linda

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