Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Art of Science

Today is World Science Day. The sciences and the arts are very closely related. Both fields should have an open mind. There are times you need to wait for the results, to see if the experiment worked. Documenting results, what mixed with what gave you X - oh my does that sound like algebra? 

Artists study the science of the eye. They study color theory and botany. Grey's Anatomy is shared by medical professional and artists as a reference to the human body.

Think Leonardo DiVinci, known as a Renaissance Man because of his scientific approach to the arts. Look at his writings, his notebooks and even his murals. You may not understand the language in his journals. Look closely at the beauty beyond what is on the surface. The scientific sketches that go along with his research.

In the sciences the art of discripition is important but sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words.

Images found on scared - text.com

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