Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Point Prespective

Today's blog is not a lesson in drawing or painting. One point perspective is a strong design element but for me today it is a state of mine. 

Which direction do I go next? Not only physically in life but with my art. Do I move along a fairly direct path? Look to see what might be directly over the horizon. Possibly travel along the fence line over hill and dale? Do I look at what is right in front of me, the small things, the details? Maybe, I look way beyond what I general observe allowing my vision to take me somewhere in a soft hazy distance.

Life and art are always full of choices, options. The path we take is all our own. It can be that one point along the horizon, or several points in the sky. Wish me luck as I look to travel new bye-ways. 

Saying good-bye today to Fine Arts in the Valley but art will still be around as too my friends.

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