Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Golden Ginkgo

The Ginkgo sets it's clock to change color and drop all it's leaves pretty quickly. It must be in a hurry to start hibernating. The ginkgo is one of Marilu's favorite trees. She has used the leaf in her art work on many occasions. I too enjoy this fan shaped leaf. It has appeared in monotypes and bookmaking projects.

This time of year makes it almost impossible to not take photos of trees, leaves or bend over to pick up a leaf for that collection you started as a child. Those leaves I have in-between pages of old phone books, become a piece of art. The leaf front and center in handmade paper. Floating in a glass frame, to me, there is very little that is more elegant. 

Once the rains stop I plan to hike around, take more photos and find a few prefect leaves. Maybe a skeleton leaf will find it's way into my stash.

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