Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Golden Ginkgo

The Ginkgo sets it's clock to change color and drop all it's leaves pretty quickly. It must be in a hurry to start hibernating. The ginkgo is one of Marilu's favorite trees. She has used the leaf in her art work on many occasions. I too enjoy this fan shaped leaf. It has appeared in monotypes and bookmaking projects.

This time of year makes it almost impossible to not take photos of trees, leaves or bend over to pick up a leaf for that collection you started as a child. Those leaves I have in-between pages of old phone books, become a piece of art. The leaf front and center in handmade paper. Floating in a glass frame, to me, there is very little that is more elegant. 

Once the rains stop I plan to hike around, take more photos and find a few prefect leaves. Maybe a skeleton leaf will find it's way into my stash.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Going The Distance

Here or there, which way to go? I will be dropping off work that will be displayed at the NOMA gallery over the next few months. I currently have work in the Scottsdale Artists School Gallery with the AZ Pastels Artists Association, juried fall show. Will be checking in with The Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake for a small works show they have coming up in November. Plus, there may be a few other art exchanges/displays going on this fall.

When all the work is dispersed I can take inventory and submit some images to the gallery in Cottonwood, AZ for consideration. Thinking ahead to the winter and spring of 2016, what shows are coming up and what direction will my work go and take. The work does travel. I am not so patiently waiting to see what the next take on my work will discover.

November looks to be very busy this year. Before I know it, I will be in AZ getting my studio ready for workshops, paper making looks to be shaping up for February. Some artists talks are on the books. No solo shows to start the year off but there are some in the distance. Already planning the year ahead  so many wonderful adventures await!


One Point Prespective

Today's blog is not a lesson in drawing or painting. One point perspective is a strong design element but for me today it is a state of mine. 

Which direction do I go next? Not only physically in life but with my art. Do I move along a fairly direct path? Look to see what might be directly over the horizon. Possibly travel along the fence line over hill and dale? Do I look at what is right in front of me, the small things, the details? Maybe, I look way beyond what I general observe allowing my vision to take me somewhere in a soft hazy distance.

Life and art are always full of choices, options. The path we take is all our own. It can be that one point along the horizon, or several points in the sky. Wish me luck as I look to travel new bye-ways. 

Saying good-bye today to Fine Arts in the Valley but art will still be around as too my friends.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Falling Into The Shadows

Fall is well underway, I do love the light this time of year. The sky is richer in color.  The morning has a soft misty quality that has intrigued me for years. Let's not forget the leaves and trees. They give us one last breath of color before the winter rest. 

After the recently frost the leaves are not only changing quickly but falling too. I do love drawing the structure of a barren tree. If you are so inclined, I will be doing a couple demos of trees this weekend. 

Starting Friday come on by NOMA gallery from 4-8 437 N. Market St., Fred., MD I will be working on one of the long tall tree pieces. Saturday and Sunday I will have the easel set up at the Fine Arts in the Valley show from 11-5. 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD

Come on out enjoy the autumn colors along the historic city streets and the country back roads. Bring your camera and your sketchbook!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crisp - Cool -Chilies

Chilly - Cold - these first two words in the title could apply to descriptions of art. The last couple describe what the temperature is at the moment. Temperatures can be applied to art too, warm colors, cool colors.

We will be hanging out at the barn today with the barn cats, surrounded by color, inside with nice warm coffee brewing and outside the trees are glowing in this crisp fall air. The cows are all cozy in the pasture, you might see goats and horses along the country road. If you don't see the eagles, falcons, owls or other birds cruising over head - come in see what creations we have captured from our sightings.
Fine Arts in the Valley at Country Pleasures Farm 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD (sponsored by Willow Oaks Craft Cider and Wine) Open today 11:00-5:00

Friday, October 16, 2015

Art Happenings

This weekend is the opening to Fine Arts in the Valley. Saturday, October 17th from 11-5. Located at Country Pleasures Farm & Orchard Event Barn, 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD.
It looks to be a great fall weekend. The crisp air, the colors in the trees, blue skies prefect for a nice country drive to the oldest organic farm in MD to see great art. There will be sculpture, fiber arts, hand spun yarn, scratchboard, photography, pastels, oils paintings, handmade books, pottery and jewelry. You won't want to miss this show as it is the last year we will be here as the FAV group. The show is two weekend 17-18 and 24-35! 
While you are out driving around this is the last weekend and artist reception at the Historic Bureell-Morgan Mill 3 Tannery Lane, Millwood, VA. 
If you are in the Frederick area you can stop by the newest gallery in downtown NOMA gallery at the corner of 5th and Market, 437 N. Market St., Fred., MD. Hours Friday 4-8, Saturday 12-8. I will be at the gallery on the 23rd doing a pastel demo from 4-8.
It is going to be a beautiful weekend, come on by for a visit. Shop local, support your friendly artists!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Artsy Pros and Dark Cons

I have not had much opportunity to write the blog lately. That got me thinking of the downside of being so busy - the dark cons of art. I spent yesterday up to my ears in bubble wrap and boxes. Packing up the art for the Fine Arts in the Valley show opening Saturday. Today packing it all in the car. Once I get to Country Pleasures Event Barn - unpack the car after a nice long drive.

On the pro side of things, fall colors along hwy 81, when I get there some of the other artists will already be working. They will help set up display panels, tables, shelves and turn it into our gallery space for the next two weekends. 

It looks to be a wonderful autumn weekend, crisp air, colors are popping in the trees, time for those ugly sweaters to come out and time to start thinking about the holidays. Another pro beautiful art work at great prices, special sales and give a-ways. I love seeing our return clients - our friends and our family coming by to enjoy the day at the oldest organic farm in Maryland. So, come on by, pick up something special for someone special or treat yourself to that piece of art you have always wanted. 

There are always more pros than cons. Even the cons have a touch of pleasure as I see art work finished in frames, hanging ready for sale. Take some time this weekend or next to enjoy the season and help us make this a grand finale to the Fine Arts in the Valley. Oh, another pro, you just might see the mated pair of bald eagles that live on the farm.

link to the web site for information/direction to 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD
e-mail to contact me if you have questions about the show

Monday, October 5, 2015

Step By Step

 I was trying to put together a quick video of a step by step of using the watercolor crayons and pastels. The resolution looks like it might be too low but I can't really check this till it is published so once I see how it looks I may be doing this over again.

It is a step by step of the great horned owl. Watercolor crayons are the background, water is sprayed on the crayons to allow them to melt. Adjusting the crayons, colors, and spray again with water and alcohol. Allow to dry completely before adding pastel. Pastels will work as a wet medium but for this project I wanted a dry surface for the line work and details of the feathers.

If you have additional questions please feel free to email me.

This piece will be at the Fine Arts in the Valley show Oct.17-18-24-25th - 6219 Harley Rd., Middletown, MD

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Bounty

It is autumn and I just finished the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Some of the 30 are graphite sketches, ideas, the seeds of a new painting. During the month of September I watched these seedlings grown into finished pieces. While thinking of a title for the blog, fall, harvest, ah, bounty came to mind. The generous and kind words I received for this large amount of work I put forth to share with everyone.
Bounty - noun - good things that are given or provided freely and in large amounts. Something that is given generously. Etymology: Middle English bounte "goodness" Latin bonus "good".

I hope you enjoy the bounty of my art. These challenges are good for me, helping me to work everyday, even if it is just a quick study. Setting the time aside to do the work, cleaning my study to have a space to work and framing so I can sell the work. All good things.

The large full tree piece will be on display at the NOMA gallery Grand Opening, Saturday, October 3rd from 5:00 - 8:00. Many of the other works will be at the Fine Arts in the Valley show opening October 17th running 18th - 24th and 25th from 11:00 - 5:00. Come on by and see these works finished and framed.

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