Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What a Hoot....

I've been completely enamored with owls lately.  Had a great opportunity to spend a few hours with two rescue owls from the state park....a Barn Owl and a Barred Owl.  It's a wildlife artists dream to be up close and personal with a subject.  And these two guys were most cooperative, posing quietly - well most of the time - looking around at the sky and trees, slowly shifting positions on their perch.  I made lots of gesture sketches and - thanks to digital photography - snapped off a couple hundred pictures. 

Back in the studio I've been able to combine my resource materials and get to work on new scratchboards.   Three of them will be on display during "Poetry in Nature" at GiftsInnBoonsboro.  They are among the works from myself and my daughter, Tracy Tousignaut-Reed.  Her haunting photographic landscapes and seascapes evoke an emotion of things past and things not to be missed. 

The artists reception is Saturday, September 19, noon to 2 pm.  Work will be on display for at least the remained of this month. 
GiftsInnBoonsboro, 4 West Main Street, Boonsboro, Maryland. 

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