Saturday, September 26, 2015

What A Difference

Yesterday - Struggling with the tree drawing for the 30-30. I had started this plein aire piece on velour paper during the summer. As I have stated before, the 30-30 challenges help me finish some works that have been sitting there waiting to be put back on the easel. Since, I seem to be in the flow for these long narrow pieces I thought I should finish this one.

Working - I remember why it has been sitting. I really don't like velour paper. What a difference it makes in enjoying the work. I even had problems trying to get a good photo to post. I will take more photos of it with my SLR camera and see how that works.

The difference -  velour paper feels like it sounds, soft, it does not take pastel well in the way that I work, it is delicate, shows marks. On the plus side, it is often used for animals as it does have a soft stroke that lends itself to fur. You may ask, why do I use it? I had some left over from workshops.

Completion - Generally not hung up on needing to complete something if it isn't working. The little tree piece actually had a nice start, toned the background, sketch was in place, just needed to add the autumn colors. This is when it came back to me why I don't use the velour surface. I use medium to hard pastels and finish with touches of soft. Applying the pastel moving around the tree I would look back at a section and it seemed like the pastel was disappearing. With the velour paper the pastel seems to sink a bit in-between the textural surface, causing you to add another layer.

Today - Moving back to the watercolor paper and Rives BFK which is calling. I have a larger long format root piece that has been in progress this month. My hope is that I will have it finish for the 30th piece - we shall see.

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