Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Day I Got To Pet A Rhino

Today is World Rhino Day - bringing awareness to the Rhinoceros, encouraging conservation and protection. There are many places all over the world doing something special today and throughout the weekend. If you are so incline check them out.

As I was thinking about the rhinos it reminded me of Out of Africa. Rick arranged a back of the house tour of this rescue - conservation center in AZ. They take in animals from zoos, circuses, shows, and even from people that think having a wild animal as a pet is a good idea. One of the animals they house is Jericho (Rhinocerotidae) Southern White Rhinoceros. We had a up close and personal with him. Like all of us he likes to be touched and surprisingly he has a softer hide then you would think.

My heart goes out to gentle giants, to all animals, on four, two feet, more or none. Everything, everyone is connected and to keep balance we all need some love and protection. Here are a few photos of the rhinos I have painted, a photo of Jericho and one from Africa were they truly should roam free and without fear of poachers.

South Africa

Jericho in AZ

Zambia, Zambezi River 

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