Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labors Of Love

Getting closer to autumn and opening of art shows. This weekend being Labor Day I spent some of the time laboring over things I love. Art, getting things in order. Frames unpacked, checked glass inventory and matched up art with frames. Next assemble those pieces that go out first of course they are the biggest pieces. 

Next continue working on large root pastel that should be finished for Fine Arts in the valley show. Which means I need to order a frame for it before long. 

In-between working on the roots I have several pieces in the works for the 30-30 challenge. The printmaker in me comes out when I work on backgrounds creating monotype one of a kind pieces. These works then get matched up with more realistic images, photos I have taken of trees, roots or animals. Then I draw or paint in the details. Labor of love, rarely do I finish a single piece in one day. 

The 30-30 helps me stay focused completing works that may have been started, sketched out or just a note in a journal. As the weather changes I try to reflect some of that freshness in my current works.

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