Monday, September 21, 2015


Lately my schedule has been early morning doing computer work. Getting press releases out for the new gallery NOMA in Frederick, MD and for the final Fine Arts in the Valley show both coming up in October. While I was organizing files this morning I got distracted - no surprise there. I was thinking for snow images to create a holiday card and ended up looking at photos I had taken of the Salt River Wild Horses. Also, found a few interesting trees to go along with all the trees I have been drawing.

I tried printing a few pictures off just to double check on my printer which is not working well...and still is not. So, got some guide lines for inspiration and motivation to go buy a new printer. I don't mind using the computer to draw from but would rather have a picture that I can post next to the painting or drawing I am working on as a reference.

Inspiration comes when it comes, I have so many things I want to paint, right now they are lined up just waiting to be finished. Another reason I put myself through the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, just need a deadline to get things done.

Need to wrap up computer work so I can get back to the drawing board - really the actual drawing board.

Here are a few photos of things that might become painting before next year, maybe...

Salt River Wild Horse
300 year old eucalyptus tree 

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