Monday, August 17, 2015

Moments In Time

As an artist I think of my work as capturing moments in time. I try to document those things that are here today and may be gone tomorrow. Sometimes I am surprised at those moments I catch via the camera, even the camera on my phone.

While we were in AZ I sat one night watching lighting strikes. I did not go get my 35mm camera, I just pulled out my cell and tried a few shots to see what I might capture. To my surprise I actually caught one of the strikes. It is not the greatest shot in the world but something to keep in the memory.

With both cell and digital cameras at hand I would sit outside in the morning with my coffee. The birds were abundant. On the east coast I don't recall many birds going for the hummingbird feeders but out west the more the merrier. The gila woodpeckers are smart. The little yellow flower that is part of the hummingbird feeder, making the opening smaller, well they just pulled them off some time ago. This makes it much easier for a number of birds to get their becks inside to get to the sugar water - funny birds.

I did catch a few interesting photos of some of the birds that came to visit along with the hummers. Although the single shot may not be all that interesting. I will use some of them as reference, the angle of the body, details, turn of a head to combining for a more interesting composition in a future painting.

lighting in AZ - monsoon season

great horned owl that sits at the top of the mesquite tree

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