Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Follow The Sun

Nature, trees, battle gently to reach the light. They too need the sun to grow tall and strong. This summer as we were on our road trip you could see the trees pushing out towards the sun. While along the coast of Oregon the wind and sun played a push me - pull me game in nature. The trees cling to the sides of mountains, the wind pushes them back and they again lean into the sunbeams.

Walking through the tall woods, I love seeing the sun filtering its way down and in-between the tree trunks. Going though all the hundreds of photographs I have taken of trees today. I have two tree pastel paintings in process. The plan is to have them done and frame for the upcoming Fine Arts in the Valley show in October.

Sometime soon, this afternoon, tomorrow, soon, I need to take a walk in the woods. Might even bring my easel and supplies along do a little plein air painting.

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