Friday, August 21, 2015

Artists Takes A Mulligan

A mulligan, in golf a second chance, a do-over for when something didn't go right. 

The last couple of days I gave myself permission to take a mulligan. I had a pastel painting that I never was crazy about the background. It was too dark and the color was off. I pulled as much of the dark out as I could, reworked the background, the tree and eagle in the front. It is 99% done want to pull out the front wing of the eagle just a little more. 

It is not often that I take a mulligan. Some works won't allow additional layers to be built up, pastel does reach a point where it can take no more and it is done or ruined. The ones that don't make it go into the recycle bag to be re-pulped into new paper at a later date.

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