Monday, August 10, 2015

All In A Row

While in Arizona I have had time to be in my studio at the drawing table. I have been traveling around with pastels sticks, pencils, prepared paper and photo references for most of the summer. I get these ideas in mind and sometimes I work up a small piece to see if it will also work larger. 

Got a couple done and working on a third. As I move to the next piece I get my pencils all in a row. I sharpen each one I think I might use for that particular piece. I have lots of black and white charcoal pencils in waiting. The newest piece is a little fox from the Sonora desert. It will require a sharpe point to put in all the fur. Sometimes these small pieces take a few days to finish because of the tiny details.

Now that things are progressing as we near fall and many shows we'll have lots of new works to display. Just need to keep those pencil sharpened and in a row.

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