Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Today is about the S's - sun, shadows, sea, sand, surf, and sounds. This blog is about nature, travel and the inspiration these things attribute to creating art. It has been a very busy year, lots of travel,  art shows, friends and family. Sometimes, you need to get back to the sea, sit. listen to the sounds of the waves as the break on the sandy shore and watch peacefully as the sun sinks behind the clouds.Take a moment, breathe, let things go, relax, so creating can just flow.

I am working on a project, it has had lots of interruptions. As all the small parts start to come together I need a block of time just to refine the ideas. This week having the sounds, sights of nature as a gift - my hope is my mind will relax, my hand will flow freely, the results will come to pen and paper.

The sun, creates the shadows, the waves take shape, and the sounds are calming. These are the moments in time that help me see more clearly. The stirring in my head, now can come smoothly through my hand.

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