Wednesday, July 15, 2015


One of the things I enjoy about teaching workshops is that it reminds me to go back to basics. To clean up some of the habits I may have fallen into while focusing on just working.

I start my students out with charcoal. This year we toned paper with powered charcoal and did a reductive study. Using the kneaded eraser as a drawing tool. Later I should them that this simple gray tone study could be gone back into with a touch of added color.

Most of the students used the same image from their charcoal study to created a full color painting in pastel. Can you believe these are student works? I will post a few here and create an album on FaceBook to show the range of work created in one week.

My demo piece has not yet been unpacked. I will finish it this week and plan to post it next week. Until then enjoy my students creations.

Charcoal - Julia Girard

Charcoal - Heather Gibson

Charcoal study - Dottie Troxler

Dottie Troxler - pastel

Bonnie Kauffman - charcoal with a touch of red

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