Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Pushing Paper

This week I am teaching at Common Ground on the Hill. My students are getting a sampling of soft pastels and a variety of paper. I am pushing them to try new things, new techniques and see what best fits their hand, their style.

I love working on paper, as many of you know I do a yearly paper making workshop. Yesterday, I introduced my students to Rives BFK, my personal favorite paper to work on, so much so that I even use it for oil paintings.

Most pastel artists use a sanded paper with a very soft pastel. This is one of the options for this week. Canson Mi-Teintes a lighter weight paper with a texture on one side is maybe my least favorite paper. It is nice for sketching on the textured side, and this paper is often used on the back, smooth, side to do fine line work.

So, yesterday and even into today it is all about the paper.

Rives BFK with soft pastel

hand made blue jean paper

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