Saturday, July 18, 2015


This week I am still playing catch up from last week being out of town. I looked at what shows to enter or to let go this time. What pastels to finish first. Will they be done in time for fall shows? I have several works in process, some from demonstrations at Common Ground, others that have been waiting for me just to finish them. There are always options, work big or small, toned background, paper type, pencil work or sticks. Throw in the mix maybe this would be nice in oils.

Entering shows, setting up shows, what work will go to what locations? What are the dates for delivery, pick-up, reception, can I ship it or does it require hand delivery?Is there a size limitation for the work or the frame? This does not include galleries and changing out work so it is fresh.

As I sit in my studio with my computer and coffee I pick up a charcoal pencil and do some corrections on the owl piece on my easel. Rick comes in and comments I thought you didn't like to work this early. I am multi tasking this morning. I am just working out the options, looking at the details and just moving forward, one stroke at a time.

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