Friday, July 24, 2015

Flaps Up

Finished one of the paintings I started as the demonstration for reductive technique on Rives BFK paper. One of my favorite subjects, the great horned owl. I used a photograph reference from the  free flight at Sonora Desert Museum. The owl was just about to take off, the power it takes is seen in his wings as they pull up and together to give him lift.

The technique starts by using powdered charcoal toning the paper. A kneaded eraser is used as a drawing tool pulling out light areas. At this point it can be finished with a charcoal pencil and kept a gray tone work. I took it a step further and showed how you can introduce color using soft pastels. 

The finishing touches are done with pastel pencils. They allow me to do the fine line work in the feathers. There are areas that fade away giving a feeling of movement.

Now it just waits to be framed and hung in a show, most likely the Fine Arts in the Valley exhibition this fall. Unless, someone buys it before October.

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