Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thousands Of Years Create Beauty

Hoodoos, the beauty of erosion. It takes thousands of years of erosion to create hoodoos. Wind and or water etch these strange formations.

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is known for these creatures of sandstone. They are always in a state of change as the elements carve the shapes. They can be standing for years, when a crack appears and they just let loose, slide down, changing the form. Wind turns the stone forms to sand over long, slow periods of time.

Light, sunrise, sunset, gently plays as the shadows move over, through the hoodoos. To sit, watch, or walk among them. These moments most certainly are a way of being one with nature, a form of meditation. Sharing a moment in time.

Photo taking by Rick Parsons - Queens' Garden & Navajo Loop

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