Monday, June 22, 2015

Just Show Up

I am not sure who said this, I read it in an article some time ago. I liked the thought so I put it under my To Do list on my phone.

All of the traveling we have been doing this year does make it a challenge to show up for work. Artists do have some flexibility in when, where they show up in their plein air space. We travel with our work, sketchbooks are generally with us or at least a pen/pencil and something to make a mark.

Arriving back east I am showing up for work but it is the business end at the moment. Getting frames out or ordered, preparing work for exhibitions and pulling together materials for workshops. I look longingly at my pastels and oil paints, soon, I repeat in my head, soon.

One of the many things I enjoy about teaching a workshop is doing demonstrations. I want it to be of interest to the class and benefit for myself. My first demo is showing students my style, my technique and allowing them to give it a try. I'll be at Common Ground on the Hill, Traditions Week Two, July 6-10th. Check out the web site for additional classes, artists talks, and concerts in the evening.

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