Monday, June 8, 2015

It Is A Wild Life

In our travels we ran across a few wild animals. Believe it or not I did not take pictures of all of them. I did not take a shot of mule deer but I did drive myself a little crazy trying to get a picture of the violet-green swallow. They are incredibly fast but at last one landed.
Twice we saw herds of Desert Bighorn Sheep. Horses on reservation land, on trail rides and in wait of a rodeo. 
There were sheep, ground squirrels, prairie dogs, blue jays, cows and I love that we see antelope out west. ,We did not see mountain lions or rattle snakes which is just fine. 
I do see Desert Bighorns coming in the near future pastel or oil, hmmm. I was hoping to see elk but not this time. We read that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon has a herd of buffalo 400 strong but we saw none. 
It is always a pleasure when we do see animals enjoying their wild life.

Desert Bighorns seen at Capitol Reef National Park

Pronghorn Antelope Bryce National Park

Violet-Green Swallow, Zion National Park at sunset

Horses roaming Indian Reservation Land, near Utah-AZ boarders

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