Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring Things

When I am outside, taking a walk, taking photographs or just sitting, watching the sunrise/set I am doing what I call mental composition. That was a long way around saying I draw in my head. There are times when I can't stop or at least can't stop too long to do a proper sketch or painting. These are the times I take a quick photo or make a mental note. Later, I take the time to put pencil or paint to paper.

It is spring time, there are lots of birds laying eggs. I do not want to scare them away from their nests. When I discover them with respect I take a few photos and move away. Some birds are much better at building nests and some don't even bother, they lay their eggs on the ground. While at the gardens I saw several nests and a few with eggs. Plus, discovered quail eggs this weekend in my front yard. The mourning dove build nests anywhere,sometimes in the saguaro cactus in the backyard, this year sharing the space with the peach faced love birds.

Drawing a nest with eggs seemed the right thing to do, so I did.

AZ Blu Bird eggs, coffee stained handmade paper, graphite and pastel
Looks like a mourning dove nest at Desert Botanical Gardens

Look closely you will see the love bird peeking out. Saguaro in my backyard. 

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