Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Me, The Moon And The Mountain

I hope you enjoy these images of the moon and the mountains as much as I. These mountains intrigue me, as I watch them change: not just day to day, but minute by minute. As the sun sets, the moon rises, storms come through or on a clear cloudless day they change colors and breathe a life of their own. This is only enhanced by the moon rising behind the mountains. Sometimes it catches me by surprise. As I was looking out the window I saw a glimmer of light behind the mountain. Was this the moon? I grabbed my camera and went outside to watch and capture a few shots. As I watched I realized I needed a different angle. Luckily there is easy access to our roof, up I went to catch a few more rays of moon light.

I generally do not do a lot of landscape paintings. I have done a few wee pieces of these mountains. I have loved the clouds this year and some of the night shots I have documented. I may need to do a few images with the moon, the mountains and maybe a coyote or two.

May full moon: called Flower, Milk or Planting Moon
Mountains in the morning after a storm

Mountains at sunset

Evening mountains 

Me, behind the camera, the moon and the mountains 

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