Thursday, May 14, 2015

In The Shadows

There are times that it is nice to be in the shade, behind the scenes, in the shadows but today I am intrigued with the silhouette. That play of light and dark. Back-lighting, most of the times we are not even aware that something or someone is back lit. Digital photography has given us opportunities for do-overs, if someone's face is too dark to see because there is just too much light behind them. Yet, there are those pictures that work as a silhouettes, hiding their details in the shadows.

Some artists make their works all about the light and dark. Others deal with reflections, I like the little details, the closes ups. When working on the preliminary sketches for a painting, I do little graphite works of just the dark and light. These help me to see the shadows, the silhouettes, the basic form. It is good to start with the basics and move to the details.

Today, I will leave you with some silhouettes and let your imagination fill in the details.

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