Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cactus Condo

Trees are often homes for birds and other critters. In Arizona the Saguaro is the king of housing, it is a cactus condo. Last night as we watched the birds settling in for the evening, the cactus in our backyard was full of activity. We have nesting peach faced love birds, which I think there are babies but have not seen them yet. Mom stays in the nest most of the time and Dad seems to be bringing supplies. They have both disappeared into the hole in the wall of the cactus. Hoping to see some babies sometime soon.

Along with the love birds, the ever present gila woodpecker, a cactus wren and this year we have had white wing doves. The mourning dove is another plentiful bird with their coo-coo-who-coos-for-you song.

The quail are ground cover kind of birds, nest in the middle of prickly pear cactus. Will go check on their nest today to see if there are any new babies.

Even though the love birds are not native to AZ, they are so colorful, I feel the need to do some small paintings. Maybe start with a pastel and follow up with oil painting. So, many choices, so little time!

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