Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Ride Or The Journey

Sometimes it is both, this week has been busy and yesterdays journey was taking a moment to enjoy that ride. Friday the art show opened at the botanical gardens. Today is the last day for the show and it has been a great show/ride. Saturday, Marilu, Dwight and I went north to the Verde Valley and road the train that runs along the river where the copper minds once produced ore. We celebrated their 51st anniversary on the train.

We enjoyed the ride but the journey will leave Marilu and I with a few extra memories. We saw a black hawk, one neither of us had seen before. There were cows, a horse, flowers in bloom, greening of trees along the river and to end our ride a bald eagle sitting on a tree limb.

Today doesn't slow down I head out to give a presentation at the Pastel Society and then make a dash to the gardens to take down, what ever may be left of the art from the show! Like I said, it has been a great show!!

through the valley we go

Ending our journey with the grand bald eagle

Can you find the hark?

Another toast on the train - to 51 years!

Verde Canyon Train


Verde Valley

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